PATH - Working Together for Play.

Our September campaign theme is car free play. Not only do cars often take up valuable play space they are also over used to transport children to and from their playful activities. We've been inspired by Child Friendly Cities and Worldcar Free Day.

Every year on or around September 22nd people from around the world get together in streets and neighbourhood blocks to remind the world that we don't have to accept our car dominated society.

PATH is working with communities, residents of all ages and their landlords to create spaces of playful possibility where cars do not dominate and the playing children does.

We don't want just one day of celebration then return to ''normal life.'' We don't mean days organised by adults to allow children to play.

Our vision is child friendly cities where everyone can enjoy walking safely, accessing more green space and to be able to play and participate in family, community and social life.


A child friendly city is an embodiment of the Convention of the Rights of the Child at a local level, one that the whole community benefits from and one that PATH advocates for and works with others to achieve.

Take a look at Citizen Child a fascinating piece that challenges the notion of the child as of little importance to the life of the city.

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